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John Amadon – The Bursting Sheaf (2013)

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johnThe Bursting Sheaf is the 4th album by Portland singer-songwriter John Amadon. The follow up to his critically acclaimed 2011 release Seven Stars, with the Bursting Sheaf Amadon gives listeners yet more of the exquisite pop craftsmanship, lyrical ingenuity, and musical prowess they have come to expect from him.

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Hearts Of Oak – Used To It Now (2011)

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hearts of oak hoesLife seems to be playing out more like a sappy country song these days. Since back from TX, there’s hardly been a day without a new verse… Despite that, trying to get back to more regular posts. And listening to this a lot lately. “Used To It Now,” the second album from Portland, Oregon’s Hearts Of Oak which is Nate Wallace and friends. Hearts of Oak is a hidden gem for anyone who likes genuine country music and americana. This album has some incredibly impressive songwriting and immediately makes you feel like you are listening to early Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Steve Earle. If you are a fan of songwriters like Ryan Bingham or John Prine you will love Hearts of Oak.

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The Slaughterhouse Chorus – The Slaughterhouse Chorus (2012)

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slaThe Slaughterhouse Chorus is a blend of twangy, down-home hillbilly rock infused with a heavy dose of punk and a tinge of folk. (Not exactly what you’d expect from a band hailing from New York City.) If the Supersuckers fucked Larry And His Flask, or vice versa,The Slaughterhouse Chorus would be their illegitimate love child.
The band’s inaugural self-tilted EP is a 13-track hell-bound hayride through the heart of America via the streets of The Great Apple; and is just as unpredictable. The album sways seamlessly, yet purposefully, like “Amber Waves of Cocaine”, the opening track (which sets the stage for the ensuing managed mayhem). The following three songs, “A Month Without”, “Built for BBQ” and “Let’s Get Invisible” exude more country-esque qualities than punk, but “For God and Country” rekindles the rock ‘n’ roll fervor. “The Full Nelson” is nothing more than pure, unadulterated rock, replete with ample baby-makin’ guitar solos; which ironically segues into a grab-your-partner swing-type instrumental affectionately dubbed “All My Mistakes are Your Fault Tonight”.

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April Mae & the June Bugs – Boogie (2012)

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Americana under the influence of Jump Blues, Swing, & Rockabilly…Ba – ba – ba – Boogie! With a dab of N’awlins for extra spice! Smoke & honey vocals, Cigar Box Guitar, Upright Bass, Banjo, Washboard…servin’ up high energy & deep vintage vibes is our specialty. Recommended if You Like: Imelda May Southern Culture On The […]

Van Morrison – Capitol Theatre – New Jersey (1979)

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Lineup: John Altham – saxophones Herbie Armstrong – guitar David Hayes – bass Toni Marcus – violin Peter Van Hooke – drums Pete Wingfield – keyboards Katie Kissoon – backing vocals mp3 under 160 kbps | 207 MB | UL

Rock Candy Funk Party – We Want Groove (2013)

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Guitarist Joe Bonamassa has added yet another side project to his already busy life. In addition to his amazingly successful solo career, Joe is the lead guitarist and part time vocalist for Black Country Communion, has done an album with vocalist Beth Hart and now, he has a funk band titled Rock Candy Funk Party. […]