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Frank Bango – Touchy​/​Feely (2013)

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frankFrank Bango has been quietly going about his business for the last 15 years, making some of the best and most original pop music that almost no one has ever heard. But while Bango has consistently remained further under the radar then just about any other artist of his caliber, he’s never let anonymity go to his head.
“Bango… has melody and wordplay worthy of Elvis Costello -– and a romantic whimsy Costello couldn’t touch.”

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Various Artists – Note of Hope: A Celebration of Woody Guthrie (2011)

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1. Note of Hope (feat. Van Dyke Parks)
2. Wild Card In The Hole (feat. Madeleine Peyroux)
3. Ease My Revolutionary Mind (feat. Tom Morello)
4. The Debt I Owe (feat. Lou Reed)
5. Union Love Juice (feat. Michael Franti)
6. Peace Pin Boogie (feat. Kurt Elling)
7. Voice (feat. Ani DiFranco)
8. I Heard A Man Talking (feat. Studs Terkel)
9. Old Folks (feat. Nellie McKay)
10. On The High Lonesome (feat. Chris Whitley)
11. There’s A Feeling In Music (feat. Pete Seeger & Tony Trischka)
12. You Know The Night (feat. Jackson Browne)

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Vic Chesnutt – Little [Extra tracks] (2004)

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VICThis album was recorded way back in 1988, before Chesnutt knew he was going to be a rock star and had no career to worry about, and it has a wonderful, disarming innocence. The recording, by Michael Stipe when he was still only a plain old superstar, is simple, just Vic and his guitar, wýth the occasional dab of keyboards. They sound like they were done in one take. Chesnutt isn`t a great singer, and sometimes here he`s barely trying, but every so often he gets really passionate, and you can hear he means it. Lyrically it`s often clumsy (“The laws of action and reaction are the closest things to truth in the universe”) but when Chesnutt keeps things simple, it works. Most of the songs have some connection to childhood, but there`s also a fair whack of stuff celebrating his atheism. The best tracks are the opener “Isadora Duncan”, “Danny Carlisle” (he don`t give a _____ about the Contras) and the haunting “Independence Day.” The album ends with a setting of Stevie Smith`s poem “Not waving, but drowning” seemingly recorded by technology that would have been familiar to Eddison.

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Ed Harcourt – Back Into The Woods (2013)

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Ed Harcourtwill release his sixth studio album Back Into the Woods via CCCLX Music in the U.K. The new project was recorded during a six hour session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. It was inspired by the studio itself and the desire to make a stripped-back honest album. mp3 320 kbps | […]