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Ana Egge – Out Past The Lights (2005)

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With her fourth album, Out Past the Lights, Brooklyn-based, New Mexico-reared singer/songwriter Ana Egge puts her age-defying pipes on display, sounding a couple decades older than her actual age of 28. Her rich, distinct voice and knack for songcraft is visualized with the help of producer Jason Mercer, who offers a sparse presentation for the countrified, pedal steel-steered keeper “Apple Tree” and the threadbare folk of “Stone Bone.” Fuller instrumentation — specifically the inclusion of Shane Endsley’s trumpet — bodes well for “Motorcycle” and “Straight to My Head,” but the album’s peak is “Wedding Dress,” which wraps all of the pain of love breaking down up in a once-celebrated garment. Although it has a number of delicate moments on the surface (like “Sailor” and the succinctly magical “Victoria”), Out Past the Lights is resilient just the same.

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The Lee Boys – Testify (2012)

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The third release from the sacred steel ensemble. This family group consists of three brothers, Alvin Lee (guitar), Derrick Lee and Keith Lee (vocals) along with their three nephews, Roosevelt Collier (pedal steel guitar), Alvin Cordy Jr. (7-string bass) and Earl Walker (drums). “Sacred steel” is a type of music rooted in Gospel, but infused with rhythm and blues, jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, country and African music driven by the pedal steel guitar. Testify features 11 tracks of new songs along with fan favorites from their live show.Stellar production, expanded instrumentation, and a slew of special guests result in a captivating mix of gospel, rock and R&B that will surely appeal to the most discerning music fan. Guest players include: Warren Haynes on vocals and lead guitar; Jimmy Herring on lead guitar; female vocalist Gia Wyre; Matt Slocum on organ, piano, and keyboards; Nate Worth on percussion; and producer/engineer/mixer Matt Grondin on electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals. Horns were arranged by Mark Mullins.

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William Gray – Silentio (2012)

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Deadstring Brothers – Starving Winter Report (2006)

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If you like The Flying Burrito Bros, and the Burritofied Stones material that followed, you are sure to love this cd. Other influences would include Dylan and maybe even a touch of Counting Crows. Terrific vocals, even if the lead does sound a bit Mick Jaggerish at times. mp3 224 kbps | 63 MB | […]

Banditoz Band – Rhythm-Land (2012)

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