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The Allman Brothers Band – S.U.N.Y. At Stonybrook: Stonybrook, NY 9/19/71 (2003)

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Imagine  excitement that the 9/19/71 Stoneybrook show was to be the second release in the Allman Brothers archival release series. And not only was it a decent soundboard recording, but it had an amazing 11:26 minute version of Blue Sky (One of three known live versions featuring Brother Duane.) In addition the amazing 19:37 version of Dreams is here in all it’s grandeur. Add this to some of Duane’s best slide work on Trouble No More, Don’t Keep Me Wondering and of course Statesboro Blues and a cooking version of Elizabeth Reed and you have everything you need for a major musical/religious experience.This is essential listening for any Allman Brothers fan. IMHO opinion of the 50 or so shows We’ve heard from the Duane era of the band, this is the best We’ve heard the band play.

1. “Statesboro Blues” (McTell) – 4:16
2. “Trouble No More” (Waters) – 4:00
3. “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin'” (Allman) – 3:47
4. “Done Somebody Wrong” (James/Levy/Lewis) – 3:54
5. “One Way Out” (James/Sehorn/Williamson) – 5:08
6. “Blue Sky” (Betts) – 11:26
7. “Stormy Monday” (Walker) – 8:53
8. “You Don’t Love Me” (Cobbs) – 25:47

1. “Dreams” (Allman) – 19:37
2. “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” (Betts) – 19:43

Duane Allman: lead guitar, slide guitar
Gregg Allman: vocals, Hammond B3 organ
Dickey Betts: lead guitar, vocals
Berry Oakley: bass guitar
Butch Trucks: drums, tympani
Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson: drums, percussion

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