William Fitzsimmons – Mission Bell (2018)

Posted by Green on September 20, 2018as

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Singer-songwriter and music producer William Fitzsimmons’ latest record, ‘Mission Bell’, is a chronicling of the tumultuous last year of his life, particularly of the separation from his second wife.

“An initial version of the album was originally recorded in Fitzsimmons’ home studio in the summer of 2017 but was subsequently abandoned during the course of – and as a result of – the separation. In 2018 William travelled to Nashville, TN to start recording the album over from square one. Working with producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick, Los Lobos, k.d. Lang, Vanessa Carlton), Fitzsimmons spent a month’s time rebuilding the lost record, with contributions from friends, including Abby Gundersen and Rosie Thomas. The resulting 11-song album tells the story of a decadelong marriage destroyed and eventually rebuilt from the ground up.

Sonically, ‘Mission Bell’ is Fitzsimmons’ first analogue tape-centric album. The sounds are raw, real and tangible. The familiar comforts of acoustic guitars are present but now joined generously by synthesizers, electric guitars, drum loops and violins.”

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