Will Callers – What Else Is Left (2013)

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wWhat Else Is Left? is the new record from The Will Callers, the songwriting duo of Jake Murphy (vocals/guitar) and Daniel Slaton (drums/vocals), backed by Brad Rice (Whiskeytown, Son Volt) and Scrappy Jud Newcomb (Loose Diamonds, Ian McLagan). They also get some help on their first full length release from George Reiff, Bukka Allen and Scott Esbeck.
The great Ray Wylie Hubbard produces the record, which is roots rock plus, with the plus being touches of just about everything from the spectrum of Americana. These guys are young enough not to care a lick about genre and good enough to pull it all off. Here’s a link to one of the songs on the record, House of Falling Cards, which will give you a feel for what I’m talking about. Ray Wylie’s quote about the record: “Cool as Buffalo Springfield, deep as Dylan, trashy as the Stones, smart like the Beatles, fight like the Eagles, and they’re original.” You gotta love the Gold Top Grifter.

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