Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, Wilson Savoy – The Band Courtbouillon (2012)

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It’s not often three Cajun accordionists come together as a band, especially when they lead their own aggregations but that’s the case here with Wayne Toups (Zydecajun), Steve Riley (Mamou Playboys) and Wilson Savoy (Pine Leaf Boys). Initially, Savoy’s Pine Leaf Boys performed at a ceremony honoring Toups. Toups then joined PLB for a few numbers and had such a good time that he remarked that he would like to start a band christened Courtbouillon (a tomato sauce used in Cajun cuisine) with Savoy and Riley.Though Toups, Riley and Savoy are the best around in contemporary Cajun music, there’s never any showcases of hot licks and cute tricks; nor are there ever any upstaging cutting contests. Instead, it’s a very intimate affair shared among friends who deeply revere the Cajun music they were weaned on, as evidenced by the selections from Iry LeJeune, Lawrence Walker, Shirley Bergeron and the public domain vault. It’s done in a very acoustic, unamplified folky style that’s 180 degrees away from today’s kickin’ dancehall variety that’s expected to go over the top several times over. Additionally, there’s no smacking, hard-pounding drums; just Eric Frey marking the first beat of every waltz measure with his pulsing acoustic bass.

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