Wand – Plum (2017)

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The LP is Wand’s first since 2015’s 1000 Days, but their fourth since 2013. Now that the group have expanded to a quintet – late last year they welcomed Robbie Cody (guitar) and Sofia Arreguin (keys, vocals) into their ranks – they’ve adopted new writing and recording methods, drawing more from full-band improv sessions and building on collective ideas.

“Plum” is a wonderfully wiry taste of this new approach – chugging piano jabs and haywire riffs swirl into a typhoon of slick psychedlic pop, thickening and contorting with every passing second. As the final moments approach, Wand have summoned walls of knotted noise with vocal lines battling for the spotlight and melodies relentlessly burrowing into your mind.

“The song transpires between our collective harmony and individual dissent,” explains vocalist/guitarist Cory Hanson. “It felt like we were each trying to obstruct a clear path in order to discover new space. As a total accident, ‘Plum’ wound up being a miniature blueprint to the musical language we developed together over months of dedicated writing.”

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