Vanessa Peters – Discography

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Peters’s songs have been widely praised by reviewers and critics for their thoughtful lyrics. Jeremy Hallock, writing for the Dallas Morning News, described Peters as “A brilliant songwriter with a literary quality that makes her songs comparable to short stories, Vanessa Peters is Dallas’ Aimee Mann.”The music blog Heartache With Hard Work states, “It’s one mark of a great song that it can work on a number of different levels. And almost every song here does that. They work as allegory, as symbols for some of the grand concepts: love, fear, loss, friendship, fear. They work as literal short stories.

2003 Sparkler
2005 Thin Thread
2006 Blackout (EP)
2006 Little Films
2009 Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up
2011 The Christmas We Hoped For
2012 The Burn the Truth the Lies
2015 With The Sentimentals
2016 The Burden of Unshakeable Proof
2018 Foxhole Prayers
2021 Modern Age

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