Van Morrison – Live in Boston 1968

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In November 1968, Van Morrison released the album “Astral Weeks,” which is so acclaimed that on an average of greatest albums of all time lists, it ranks number 15. He spent most of 1968 living in Boston and developing the unique sound that would result in that album.

It contains three songs that would appear on “Astral Weeks” later that year: “Beside You, “Madame George,” and “Cyprus Avenue.” Also, there’s a version of a legendary still unreleased “Astral Weeks” outtake previously known as “Train,” but which appears here under the title “Train, Train.” He also does a Them song (“One Two Brown Eyes”), another unreleased song (“He Ain’t Give You None”), a song that would appear on a 1970 album (“Virgo Clowns”), and his great 1967 songs “T. B. Sheets” and “Brown Eyed Girl.” The band consists of just Morrison on acoustic guitar plus a double bass and a flute, so the whole recording has an “Astral Weeks” vibe, even including “Brown Eyed Girl.”

Unfortunately, the recording ends at the end of the last song, “Madame George,” as one can hear the sound of the tape running out. So it’s too bad we don’t have the rest of the show. But still, it’s a miracle that at least this much of Morrison live in 1968 was recorded at all, and with such quality sound.


01. Virgo Clowns
02. Cyprus Avenue
03. Brown Eyed Girl
04. He Ain’t Give You None
05. One Two Brown Eyes
06. Beside You
07. T. B. Sheets, Part 1
08. Train, Train, Part 1
09. T. B. Sheets, Part 2
10. Train, Train, Part 2
11. Madame George

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