VA – One Night In Pelican: Afro Modern Dreams 1974-1977 (2021)

Posted by Green on December 7, 2021as

320 | FLAC

A uniquely South African take on the trans-Atlantic sounds of Philadelphia, Detroit and New York City.One Night in Pelican captures the halcyon seventies period with a single nightclub embodying an indomitable spirit of its troubadour players. While schooled and rooted in “standards” and local forms, the music could take any direction, at a moment’s notice. This compilation features all the key groups and players of the time: Abacothozi, Almon Memela’s Soweto, The Black Pages, Dick Khoza and the Afro Pedlars, The Drive, Ensemble of Rhythm and Art , The Headquarters, Makhona Zonke Band, the Shyannes and Spirits Rejoice.

1. Dick Khoza and the Afro Pedlars – Chapita (09:47)
2. Ensemble of Rhythm and Art – Pelican Fantasy (07:03)
3. Spirits Rejoice – Sugar Pie (02:44)
4. Makhona Zonke Band – The Webb (07:45)
5. Abacothozi – Night in Pelican (13:11)
6. The Black Pages – There Goes (02:54)
7. The Headquarters – Moshate (11:25)
8. The Shyannes – Asso-Kam (04:47)
9. Almon Memela’s Soweto – Pelican City (15:29)
10. The Drive – I Have a Dream (06:04)

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