VA – Kids On The Street: UK Power Pop And New Wave 1977-81 (2022)

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Three CD anthology featuring some of the best music to come out of the British new wave/ power pop scene of the late 70s/early 80s. Featuring hit singles and deep cuts from some of the era’s biggest names are joined by rare tracks, cult classics and fascinating obscurities. Kids On The Street is a four-hour smorgasbord of top pop tunes from the British power pop and new wave scenes of the late Seventies/early Eighties as the punk revolution evolved into a more radio-friendly sound. Hit singles from some of the era’s most vital acts (The Stranglers, Pretenders, The Ruts, The Teardrop Explodes, Elvis Costello) are joined by key cuts from seminal albums by the likes of The Jam, Squeeze and XTC. The mod revival is represented by such names as Squire, The Circles, Smart Alec and pre- Direct Hits band The Exits, power pop royalty includes The Records, The Pleasers and The Jags, while there are cult favorites from The Soft Boys, The Distractions, Radio Stars and many others. Joining the boys about town and kids on the street are pub rock veterans The Motors (with John Peel’s favorite track of 1977), former Bonzos man Neil Innes’ Beatles spoof The Rutles, Slade spin-off Dummies and beat boom veterans The Searchers, enjoying a new lease of life as the new wave of power pop bands updated their pioneering 60s sound. Housed in a stylish clamshell box, and featuring a booklet that includes notes on each individual track, Kids On The Street is a riveting reminder of a sound that dominated the British pop scene for a brief but highly creative period.

1. The Stiffs – Kids On The Street (3:10)
2. Bram Tchaikovsky – Bloodline (5:00)
3. The Flys – Come On Stupid (3:35)
4. Clive Culbertson – Time To Kill (2:30)
5. The Wasps – This Time (2:27)
6. The Smirks – I Don’t Think So (3:41)
7. Shake Appeal – My Own Way (2:26)
8. Speed-O-Metors – Tonight, Tonight (3:29)
9. The Revillos – Motorbike Beat (2:31)
10. salford jets – Gina (I’ve Got A Cortina) (3:04)
11. Rudi – I-Spy (2:57)
12. The Freshies – Oh Girl (2:11)
13. Cramp – She Doesn’t Love Me (2:34)

1. The V.I.P.’s – Need Somebody To Love (2:45)
2. Sta-Prest – Tomorrow (3:25)
3. The Circles – Circles (3:04)
4. Keeping Dark;Ada Wilson – Heads In The Clouds (3:24)
5. The Innocents – One Way Love (2:39)
6. The Vandells – Another Girl (2:36)
7. The Teenage Filmstars – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Follow Trends (3:00)
8. The Exits – Girl In A Picture (2:29)
9. The Kraze – Friday Night (3:46)
10. Fifty Fantastics – The Beat Drill (2:45)
11. The Barracudas – Neighbourhood Girls (2:17)
12. Inner City Unit – Beer, Baccy, Bingo And Benidorm (3:17)
13. Smart Alec – Scooter Boys (2:54)
14. The Pleasers – You Don’t Know (2:28)

1. The Monochrome Set – Silicon Carne (3:13)
2. Wah! Heat – Don’t Step On The Cracks (3:07)
3. Private Dicks – She Said So (2:39)
4. Tinopeners – Set Me Free (2:37)
5. Apartment – The Car (2:11)
6. Airkraft – Move In Rhythm (2:59)
7. The Innocent Vicars – She Was My Girl (2:27)
8. Andy Arthurs – I Can Detect You (For 100,000 Miles) (3:30)
9. Radio 5 – Animal Connections (3:00)
10. Joe Public – Hotel Rooms (2:07)
11. The Avant-Gardeners – Two Headed Dog (3:35)
12. The Engineers – Call On Me (3:19)


  • Sam says:

    FYI… the text doesn’t match the track listing or the download. It’s not 4 hours and doesn’t have the artists mentioned. The track listing IS correct.

  • Not Sam says:

    yet ANOTHER incomplete post. missing 38 tracks.

  • Zuma says:


  • Not Sam says:

    Hey Zuma, I wish someone warned me before downloading and wasting my time. STFU

  • Sam says:

    Hey Not Sam… Since my comment is posted before yours, I warned you. What’s your excuse now?

  • Not Sam says:

    Hey Sam… Perhaps I downloaded it BEFORE you posted your comment. Ever think of that? Guess not. What’s your smart ass comment now?

  • Sam says:

    Hey Not Sam, For someone who whines like a fragile snowflake about your precious wasted time, you’ve sure got plenty to spare when it’s about coming back here to cry and bitch about your host, Green, Zuma and myself. Piss like a baby all you want… the track listing Green posted is correct, so you were knew BEFORE you downloaded what you’d get. Instead of being even the slightest bit gracious for the share, or even the slightest bit polite – like MY original comment to Green (which you DID read before deciding to behave like the little girl you are), you instead CHOSE to be the kind of scumbag that no one but you ever what’s to deal with. Grow up snowflake, you’ve been wasting your own precious time from the start. But… you’re obviously the prissy, mansplaining type that just HAS to have the last word – so go ahead and have it. Waste more of your time in your vain to save face. Pansy-ass crybaby!

  • Covent says:

    Ok, enough, stop. Get your facts straight first…
    This is the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION of this comp.
    About the album:

    3 disc(s) – 39 track(s)
    Total length: 01:54:52
    It was released on Nov 25, 2022, as was the physical version.

    Wait for a rip of the larger physical version, or get this (for now).

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