VA – Golden Records: The Early Songwriting Genius Of Joe South 1961-1966 (2015)

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Joe South entered the Top 20 with his Grammy winning award song, Games People Play in 1969. The song was featured on his highly respected album, Introspect . Two years later, Lyn Anderson scored a big country/pop hit with another of Joe’s songs, “Rose Garden”. Joe’s career, however, began ten years earlier and he did it all. He was a recording artist, in demand session player, songwriter and producer. He played an important role in the early career of the Tams and Billy Joe Royal and both acts have had rock and roll longevity. Golden Records 1961-1966 brings together the very best of Joe’s songs from this period. Some he recorded himself, some he produced for others but he wrote them all. On this CD, we find hits such as the Tams Untie Me from 1962 and Billy Joe Royal’s Down In The Boondocks from 1965. Rare Rockin’ Records have also included some rare titles from artists such as the Chips, Vince Everett, Billy Joe Royal and Joe himself. Many are on CD for the first time. 32 tracks, 8 in stereo with a sound quality that so reflects the title of this CD, Golden Records.


1. Joe South – Silly Little Girl 2:32
2. Billy Joe Royal – Down In The Boondocks 2:35
3. The Tams – Untie Me 2:28
4. Pat Powdrill – Fell By The Wayside 2:32
5. Joe South – Concrete Jungle 2:55
6. The Chips – Long Lonely Winter 2:27
7. The Tams – Deep Inside Me 2:11
8. Judy Thomas – Golden Records 2:34
9. Joe South – I Want To Be Somebody 2:55
10.Ray Stevens – Devil May Care 2:19
11.The Chips – Party People 2:20
12.Billy Joe Royal – Dark Glasses 2:34
13.Vince Everett – Big Brother 1:58
14.Joe South – Just To Be With You Again 1:56
15.Barbara South – He’s My Hero 2:00
16.The Fabulous Dinos – That Same Old Song 2:51
17.The Chips – What A Lie 2:07
18.Joe South – Masquerade 2:32
19.Jay Lewis – Should I Come Back 2:48
20.Bob Collins – Springtime In My Heart 2:38
21.Billy Joe Royal – Really You 2:34
22.The Tams – Standing In 2:38
23.Joe South – I’m Sorry For You 2:36
24.Judy Thomas – I Don’t Know You 2:11
25.Ray Stevens – Make A Few Memories 2:14
26.Vince Everett – To Have, To Hold And Let Go 2:23
27.The Classics – Pollyanna 2:20
28.The Yo Yo’s – Leaning On You 2:13
29.The Tams – Blue Shadows 2:49
30.Joe South – Standing Invitation 2:04
31.Billy Joe Royal – I Knew You When 2:34
32.The Chips – Bye Bye, My Love 1:52

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