VA – Can’t You Hear Me? 70’s African Nuggets & Garage Rock from Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (2016)

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These are 70s African nuggets and garage rock from Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe and a download card is included. Globetrotter of parallel subcontinents and digger of rare, forgotten records, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt tracks sounds from the dawn of time to the four corners of the world. On the other side of the globe, French designer Christophe Lemaire stays forward thinking and audacious in his choices: far from our deified present, he cultivates a love of timeless designs and mixed influences; a passion for iconoclastic music hidden in the dark corners of a global cultural industry.

01. Keith Mlevhu – The bad will die
02. Paul Ngozi – Can’t you hear me
03. Amanaz – Amanaz
04. Witch – No time
05. Peace – Black Power
06. Peace – Peaceful man
07. Chrissy Zebby Tembo – I’m not made of iron
08. Blackfoot – Poor connection
09. 5 revolutions – I had a dream (instrumental)
10. Eye Q – Making life out of music
11. Witch – Like a chicken
12. Born free – Mad man
13. Funkees – Breakthrough
14. Founders 15 – Don’t take me for a ride
15. Wells Fargo – Coming home
16. 5 revolutions – Fwe bena Zambia
17. Witch – No time (Pilooski edit)

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