VA – Beatles 69 Vol. 1 Get Back (2009)

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1. Get Back – Jota Quest [02.48]
2. Don t Let Me Down – Capital Inicial [03.52]
3. Two Of Us – Leoni e Leo Jaime [03.26]
4. Dig A Pony – Biquinhi Cavalao [03.29]
5. Across The Universe – Rodrigo Santos [04.39]
6. I Me Mine – Tinta Preta [02.56]
7. Dig It – Astronauta Pinguim [04.06]
8. Let It Be – Ivan Lins [05.21]
9. Maggie May – Operacao Tequila [02.20]
10. I Ve Got a Feeling – Dammi Carlos [03.53]
11. One After 909 – Ultraje A Rigor [02.38]
12. The Long and Winding Road – Raimundo Fagner [03.49]
13. For You Blue – Nene Benvenuti [02.38]
14. Teddy Boy – Paula Marchesini [02.16]
15. All Things Must Pass – Mu Carvalho [03.32]
16. Wah Wah – Sergio Dias [04.09]
17. Lei It Down – Maria Gadu [04.27]
18. Hear Me Lord – Manfred com Carmen Manfredini [04.59]
19. Suzy Parker – Judhit [01.54]
20. Paul’s Piano Intro – Victor Araujo [06.04]
21. You Know My Name – Bossa Cuca Nova [03.38]

The sound of The Beatles, completely re-imagined by a host of hip acts from Brazil – a stunning lineup that includes some under-discovered talents from the younger generation, plus a few key artists from earlier years as well! As you’d guess from the “69” in the title, most of the tracks here are from the final years of the group – mostly numbers from Let It Be,plus some solo tunes too – opened up and given a whole new sort of energy here – showing the rich inspiration the fab four were still able to provide, even at the end! Beatles music has been a crucial influence on Brazil, from the 60s Jovem Guarda and Tropicalia scenes onward – and the work here really shows the range of influences, extrapolated through really creative instrumentation, vocal arrangements, and production techniques. The whole thing’s hardly another “tribute to” session – and instead is more like an extended poem inspired by the work of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Titles on this first volume include “Dig It” by Astronauta Pingium, “Let It Be” by Ivan Lins, “Two Of Us” by Leoni & Leo Jaime, “Dig A Pony” by Biquini Cavadao, “Across The Universe” by Rodrigo Santos, “Paul’s Piano Intro” by Vitor Araujo, “Let IT Down” by Maria Gadu, “Wah Wah” by Tortu with Sergio Dias, and “The Long & Winding Road” by Raimundo Fagner.

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