Uncle Tupelo – No Depression [Legacy Edition] (2014)

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No Depression is the first studio album by alternative country band Uncle Tupelo, released in June 1990. After its formation in the late 1980s, Uncle Tupelo recorded the Not Forever, Just for Now demo tape, which received a positive review by the College Media Journal in 1989. The review led to the band’s signing with what would become Rockville Records later that year. The album was recorded with producers Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie at Fort Apache Studios, on a budget of US$3,500.
No Depression was critically acclaimed and sold well for an independent release. Selling over 15,000 copies within a year of its release, the album’s success led to the release of the No Depression periodical. The record is considered one of the most important alternative country albums, and its title is often used as a synonym for the alternative country genre.

Legacy Edition Disc One:

Original Album:
1. Graveyard Shift
2. That Year
3. Before I Break
4. No Depression
5. Factory Belt
6. Whiskey Bottle
7. Outdone
8. Train
9. Life Worth Livin’
10. Flatness
11. So Called Friend
12. Screen Door
13. John Hardy

No Depression Era Odds and Ends:
14. Left in the Dark
15. Won’t Forget
16. I Got Drunk (A-Side)
17. Sin City (B-Side)
18. Whiskey Bottle (Live Acoustic)

Legacy Edition Disc Two:

1989 Not Forever, Just For Now (aka Matt Allison No Depression Demos):
1. Outdone (1989 Demo)
2. That Year (1989 Demo)
3. Whiskey Bottle (1989 Demo)
4. Flatness (1989 Demo)
5. I Got Drunk (1989 Demo)
6. Before I Break (1989 Demo)
7. Life Worth Living (1989 Demo)
8. Train (1989 Demo)
9. Graveyard Shift (1989 Demo)
10. Screen Door (1989 Demo)

1988 Live & Otherwise Demo:
11. No Depression (1988 Demo)
12. Blues Die Hard (1988 Demo)

1987 Colorblind & Rhymeless Demo:
13. Before I Break (1987 Demo)
14. I Got Drunk (1987 Demo)
15. Screen Door (1987 Demo)
16. Blues Die Hard (1987 Demo)
17. Pickle River (1987 Demo)

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