Tyler Jakes – Mojo Suicide (2016)

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Album Notes
“Jakes’ experiences portrayed through his music broadened my horizons to an infinite degree. His music instills a hunger for experience, knowledge, and appreciation. There are few scholars left in the world that are truly worth their salt. Tyler Jakes is definitely one of them.”
–Nicholas Davis/It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“Tyler Jakes is an astonishingly accomplished musician who revels not so much in virtuoso self-indulgence as in writing tunes which resonate heart and soul with the listener.”
–Sonic Abuse

“Jakes displays great range and talent as a song writer. His music comes across as an amalgam of blues, folk, and punk baring the undeniable imprint of his travels…words spill out like a ray of amped beatnik stream of consciousness. In fact, it seems like spontaneous artistic bloodletting. Somebody get this man some more canvas!”
–Rift Magazine

“Jakes is intent on laying down some truly dirty rock and roll. The end result evokes T. Rexs’ mellow glaze crossed with Dylan-esque harmonica and Sergio Leone soundtrack/gypsy punk miscegenation.”
–Pulse of the Twin Cities

“Jakes seems to truly appreciate the crowds that come out and puts on a show fit for thousands.”
–SF Bay Area Rock.com

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