Twin Oaks – See You When I See You (2019)

Posted by Green on June 14, 2019as

320 kbps | 108 MB | LINKS

Digging deep between the realms of deconstruction and self-realization, Los Angeles-based band Twin Oaks (fronted by songwriter and vocalist Lauren Brown and producer/instrumentalist Aaron Domingo) put forth their sophomore release ‘See You When I See You’ with no limitations. Following the band’s shoegaze-tinged 2017 ‘Collapse EP’ and patient intimacy of 2018 ‘Living Rooms EP’, Brown continues to present deeply personal observations on isolation, societal pressure, death, and failed expectations. The emotional depths are elevated (this time) by the band’s ability to navigate between haunting soundscape, driven dynamics, and quiet contemplation. ‘See You When I See You’ is a process of diving into the most unsettling moments of life in order to find a better sense of self.

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