Travis & Fripp – Discretion (2012/2023)

Posted by Green on March 31, 2023as


Travis & Fripp has, in recent years, become one of the most familiar & durable of the many duo collaborations involving Robert Fripp. Discretion is their fourth joint recording to be issued. It features material drawn from concerts in Cornwall, Barcelona & Rome – all recorded to hi-res multi-track – with minimal studio overdubs prior to being mixed down to hi-res stereo. The album is presented in a two disc CD/DVD-A format in a digi-pack at a special price enabling the music to be heard, as intended, in hi-res audio form on the DVD-A (playable on all DVD players), with a CD also included for conventional disc players. Travis & Fripp’s music moves from the small-scale and intimate through to an epic grandeur that’s filled with blissful reverie and on occasion, a mournful reflection. A masterclass in empathy, invention and vision Discretion is the sound of two musicians acting with one voice. The album also features two additional audio tracks previously only available in video format, including the stunning “Rhapsody on the Theme from Starless” – an improvisation based on one of the most revered King Crimson tracks in the band’s 45 year history. Theo Travis’ profile has been a member of Steven Wilson’s band, most recently appearing on “The Raven That Refused to Sing” & the subsequent world tour supporting that release. For the first time since 2008, Robert Fripp is about to go back on the road with the new seven-piece incarnation of King Crimson.

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