Tommy Lee – Andro (2020)

Posted by Green on October 15, 2020as

320 kbps | LINKS

Tommy Lee, the legendary drummer and founding member of the band Motley Crue, releases his new solo album, ‘Andro’, which is packed full of nuances that reveal the complexity and depth of the musician.


01. Tommy Lee – Knock Me Down (feat. Killvein)
02. Tommy Lee – You Dancy (feat. Lukas Rossi)
03. Tommy Lee – Ain’t Tellin Me Nothing (feat. PAV4N)
04. Tommy Lee – SOMA COMA (feat. SHOTTY HORROH)
05. Tommy Lee – When You Were Mine (feat. Lukas Rossi)
06. Tommy Lee – Hot Fudge Sundae (feat. Josh Todd)
07. Tommy Lee – Caviar on A Paper Plate (feat. Mickey Avalon)
08. Tommy Lee – Leave Me Alone (feat. Killvein)
09. Tommy Lee – Demon Bitches (feat. Brooke Candy & Moon Bounce)
10. Tommy Lee – P.R.E.T.T.Y (feat. King Elle Noir)
11. Tommy Lee – Tops (feat. Push Push)
12. Tommy Lee – Make This Storm (feat. King Elle Noir)
13. Tommy Lee – Make It Back (feat. PLYA)

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