Tom Waits – The Dime Store Novels, Vol.1 (2001)

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Remember when Waits’ voice was just severely sandpapery, before he started going for that industrial-drilling thing? Revisit those tender years on this import-only live album, reviving a 1974 solo appearance broadcast on the radio in Denver. No one would argue that The Dime Store is Waits’ most astonishing hour; it’s his second set, and he admits to what sounds like two dozen paying customers that he ”shot [his] wad” in the first. But that allows for some odd song choices, and for fans, it’s a welcome trip back to his barely more conventional fisherman-boho years.


01. I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love (Live)
02. San Diego Serenade (Live)
03. Good Night Loving Trail (Live)
04. Diamonds On My Windshield (Live)
05. Ice Cream Man (Live)
06. Please Call Me Baby (Live)
07. Better Off Without A Wife (Live)
08. The Ghost Of Saturday Night (Live)
09. Big Joe & Phantom 309 (Live)
10. Semi Suite (Live)
11. Ol’ 55 (Live)
12. On A Foggy Night (Live)
13. Martha (Live)

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