Tom Rush – Voices (2018)

Posted by Green on January 10, 2019as

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In these days of alt facts, it’s a real fact that Tom Rush has never been in a hurry to make records. One gap between his output clocked in at 3.5 decades! Now, as a true elder statesman of folk and singer songwriter stuff, it’s a fact he never will just crank them out. However when he does venture into a studio, he certainly has something to say, that is always very musical and flat-out feels real good.

Voices upholds the “I’m-in-no-rush tradition.” Working again with producer Jim Rooney, his very old friend from their Club 47 days, R&R have woven together ten well-thought originals, along with two traditional classics. Plus, since 1955 any record with “Corrina, Corrina” on it, will always catch my ear.

Recorded in Nashville, Rooney knows who to call, to make good ‘uns, veteran trackers Dave Pomeroy, Pat McInerney, Jim Hoke, Al Perkins, Sam Bush, Richard Bennett and more. Add in the angelic voices of Suzi Ragsdale and Kathy Mattea. True to form, Tom has always championed new talent like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Brown, and he comes South here with one of the newer kids these days, multi talented Matt Nakoa. Anyone who has ever heard the fine voice of Little Tommy Rush from New Hampshire, will want this one. And if you never have, go get it, I promise there will be no regrets.

— Ken Spooner

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