Tom Robinson Band – Live at Rockpalast (2021)

Posted by Thomas on July 30, 2021
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01. Power in the Darkness (Live, Bochum, 1984) (2:31)
02. Bully for You (Live, Bochum, 1984) (3:28)
03. Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:28)
04. Law and Order (Live, Bochum, 1984) (3:18)
05. Out in the Cold (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:02)
06. Too Good to Be True (Live, Bochum, 1984) (3:37)
07. I Shall Be Released (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:49)
08. Hope and Glory (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:47)
09. Old Friend (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:41)
10. Murder at the End of the Day (Live, Bochum, 1984) (6:24)
11. Prison (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:48)
12. War Baby (Live, Bochum, 1984) (6:11)
13. Back In the Old Country (Live, Bochum, 1984) (3:35)
14. 2-4-6-8 Motorway (Live, Bochum, 1984) (5:14)
15. Cabin Boy (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:06)
16. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (Live, Bochum, 1984) (5:35)
17. Glad to Be Gay (Live, Bochum, 1984) (3:41)
18. Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio (Reprise) (Live, Bochum, 1984) (4:12)

Tom Robinson from Cambridge started his career in 1973 with the folk trio Cafe Society. Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks produced the band’s eponymous debut in 1975. In 1976, Tom Robinson – influenced by the British punk scene – formed the Tom Robinson Band. Robinson was involved with Amnesty International and Rock Against Racism, among others, and campaigned for equal rights for homosexuals. His anthem “Glad To Be Gay” was boycotted by the BBC and thus ensured all the greater popularity

The debut album “Power In The Darkness”, released in May 1978, reached #4 in the British charts, singles like “2-4-6-8 Motorway” or the title track “Power In The Darkness” stormed the single charts. A year later “TRB Two” was released, tracks like “Bully For You” or “Alright All Night” were singles, but the quartet split up in 1980

Three years later Tom Robinson made a surprising comeback with the singles “War Baby” and “Listen To The Radio”. The album “Hope And Glory”, released a year later, also sold very well in England. Robinson’s sound had become poppier, sounding more like New Wave than punk

Tom Robinson & crew went on tour to promote “Hope And Glory”. On November 9th 1984 they performed at the Zeche in Bochum, the WDR was there with the Rockpalast.

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