Tom Burton – Songbook ’58-’63 (2015)

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Tom Burton is an original artist and songwriter, with a back catalogue of over 200 songs and homemade bedroom recordings spanning ten years, often merging uplifting acoustic hooks with psychedelic and satirical lyrics.


01. God Is Gay
02. Molly Molly
03. It Takes One to Know
04. What You’re Fighting for Is Right
05. Chickens?
06. Faint Me Clean Away (From This Night into This Day)
07. Black Swan
08. Phoebe the Chemical Maker
09. (How Could I Let You) Not Get Away
10. Indigo
11. Domboshawa Rocks
12. Walkin’ in Siam
13. (Recording Sources)
14. The World Is Shaped Like a Sausage
15. Everybody’s at It Honey
16. Living in a Dirty Hole
17. This Evening Long
18. Crystal Palace
19. Bluebird
20. Nothings Gonna Save Me Now
21. Sha La La La
22. They Don’t Follow Nobody
23. Untitled II
24. And Back Again

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