Tina And David Meltzer – Green Morning (1969,Reissue 2001)

Posted by Green on December 8, 2019
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David and Tina Meltzer, the leaders of Serpant Power, from San Francisco recorded an album in 1969 for Capitol records which was never released. Music goes into Serpant Power direction — same fantastic songwriting, great acid folk tunes and crystal clear voice of Tina make it to an outstanding album, better than the Poet Song on Vanguard. Contains detailed bio and is from the original mastertape.

Tina Meltzer – Vocals
David Meltzer – Guitar Vocals, Harmonica
John Guerin – Drums
Lyle Ritz – Bass
David Lindley – Violin
Michael Rubini – Piano
Scott Hambly – Mandolin

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