They Might Be Giants – I Like Fun (2018)

Posted by Green on January 11, 2018as

192 kbps | 103 MB | LINKS

TMBG’s album was co-produced and mixed by Patrick Dillett (St. Vincent, The National, Mary J. Blige) and recorded at Reservoir Studios, formerly known as Skyline Studios. The band recorded their platinum album, Flood, here, and if this album is anything like the former, it is sure to be both unique and successful. The Alt-Rock band continues to use their 30 plus years of experience to constantly reinvent themselves. For this album, the 15 tracks continue to use avant garde and DIY punk elements, but in a stripped down way. In an interview with Rolling Stone, one half of the dynamic duo, John Flansburgh noted, “This album is kind of under-produced for us and certainly by 2017 standards…For me, just being a little more confident to keep things simple keeps it all much fresher.” The album took about year to make, and features other half of the duo, John Linnell along with their stand by backing trio of Marty Beller (drummer), Danny Weinkauf (bassist) and Dan Miller (lead guitarist). The backing band brings their unmatched energy to the duo’s 19th studio album.

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