The Walkabouts – Berlin [Repost@320] (2012)

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The album was recorded on July 14th, 2012 at the C-Club in Berlin, thus the title. The lineup of the band consists of founding members Carla Torgerson (vocals, guitar) and Chris Eckman (vocals, guitar), long running members Terri Moeller (drums), Glenn Slater (keyboards) and Michael Wells (bass) and newest member Paul Austin (guitar) who joined the band prior to the recording of Travels in the Dustland.
Berlin is a document of a band that has never taken the easy road; a band that has lived long and at times hard, and lived to tell; a band that refuses to become complacent; a band that continues to reinvent itself. Berlin is the sound of a band that has nothing to prove except that it can perform great songs, greatly.

mp3 320 kbps + Covers | 179 MB | UL

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