The Snarlin’ Yarns – It Never Ends (2023)

Posted by Green on January 23, 2023as

320 | FLAC


This band is off beat “rock ‘n roll/dance a jig” music, with fiddle, banjo and guitars shredding hard. Less on the serious side than many. Press play on the album opener “Mermaid” and you’ll get the flavor in the uptempo” “Saw her baby in another ones arms … why did you leave so long ago? Could have been good but maybe not so.” “Pretty Pollyanna” has a Burt Reynolds cutout, and a power-fiddle melody and a decision to feed themselves with fishes. “Ketamean Ma” is a spoof, with “carry my ma in the helicopter, far away, she’s gotta see the doctor” (not all the way to the gods, but just straighten her out with titanium rods) and then carry her home on Hells angels wings. It’s festive and entertaining.

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