The Small Town Sinners – Union Ave. (2021)

Posted by Green on January 17, 2021as

320 kbps | LINKS


01. Diamond Ring
02. Summer Heat
03. Paid
04. Two to Tango
05. Never Showed
06. Walls We Climb
07. One Night Stand
08. Save a Day
09. Where We Go
10. Cheaters Love Song
11. Make a Wish
12. Whiskey and Water
13. Row Row Row Your Boat
14. Pacheco (N.C.R. Bonus)
15. Blue Collar Resistance (N.C.R. Bonus)

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  • Trabulo Fernando says:

    Do not trust in what you see in the front cover, this record is trash, has nothing to do with Country or Bakersfield sound, just rubbish.

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