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The Seldom Scene is an American bluegrass band that formed in 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland.The Seldom Scene was established in 1971, and they would practice in Ben Eldridge’s basement.These practice sessions included John Starling on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Auldridge on Dobro and baritone vocals, and former Country Gentlemen member Tom Gray on bass. The mandolinist John Duffey, who had also performed with the Country Gentlemen,was invited to jam sessions at the time when Mike Auldridge arranged for the group to play as a performing band.Another member of the Country Gentlemen, Charlie Waller, is responsible for the band’s name. Expressing his doubt that this new band could succeed, Waller reportedly asked Duffey, “What are you going to call yourselves, the seldom seen?”The band had weekly performances at clubs and performed regularly at the Red Fox Inn, a music club in Bethesda Maryland. The band switched over to the Birchmere music hall in Alexandria, Virginia which resulted in a residency.

1972 Act 1
1973 Act Two
1973 Act 3
1974 Old Train
1975 Live At The Cellar Door (1988)
1976 The New Seldom Scene Album (1989)
1978 Baptizing (1990)
1979 Act Four
1981 After Midnight
1983 At The Scene
1987 The Best Of The Seldom Scene
1988 15th Anniversary Celebration
1990 Scenic Roots
1994 Like We Used To Be
1996 Dream Scene
2000 Scene It All
2002 Creators Of Urban Bluegrass
2007 Different Roads
2007 Scenechronized (40:18)
2014 Long Time… Seldom Scene
2019 Changes

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