The Rolling Stones – Shit You’ll Never Hear Live [Box Set] (2014)

Posted by Green on May 26, 2021
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CD 1
1 little queenie(little boy and the blue boys outtake)
2 shake your hips(alternate exile)
3 blue turns to grey(necrophilia)
4 i go wild(voodoo stew)
5 dance (emotial rescue sessions)
6 get off of my cloud (alternate stereo version)
7 hearts for sale(steel wheels sessions)
8 too much blood(think you like it)
9 moonlight mile(sticky fingers isolations)
10 going home(aftermath isolations)
11 jiving sister funny ( the trident mixes)
12 heaven (all inside our grazy dreams

CD 2
1 midnight rambler(let it bleed isolations)
2 i can´t help it (what am i living for)
3 100 years ago (how do you hide your love)
4 driving too fast (alternate bigger bang)
5 had it with you (mean lean hits vgp)
6 complicated (between the buttons sessions)
7 if you can´t rock me (alternate mix)
8 hey negrita (munichland melodies)
9 imagination (some trax I )
10 stupid girl (aftermath isolations)
11 thats how strong my love is (look what we´ve done)
12 when the whip comes down (more fast numbers)
13 stray cat blues(beggars isolations)
14 2000 man (satanic majesties sessions)

CD 3
1 gimme shelter(isolated trax long version)
2 lonely at the top(place pigalle)
3 stop breaking down(get a line on you)
4 19th nervous breakdown(isolated trax vol 2)
5 slave(the pain of love)
6 out of control(babylon mixes,papa was a rollin stone mix)
7 down in the hole(all mixed up dac)
8 con le mie lacrime(time trip vol.5)
9 wanna hold you(chainsaw massacre dac)
10 melody(black n blue sessions)
11 allmost hear you sigh(steel wheels monitor mixes)
12 thru and thru (voodoo stew)

CD 4
1 we love you(isolated trax vol 3)
2 too rude(back to zero)
3 sympathy for the devil(r.s.v.p)
4 live with me(nasty habits isolated trax)
5 can´t you hear me knocking(sticky thumbs)
6 dirty work(mean lean hits,OBR)
7 time waits for no one(its only goats head soup)
8 hide your love(how do you hide your love)
9 dangerous beauty(alternate bigger bang)
10 some girls III(booze,pills and powders)
11 no use in crying(tattoo too)
12 i wanna be your man(outtakes&rarities 1962-1964)
13 i think i´m going mad(think you like it,keith on vocals)
14 emotional rescues(stattic in the attic)

CD 5
1 One hit(alternate dirty work)
2 2000 light years from home(isolated trax vol.2)
3 paint it black(black box or aftermath isolated trax)
4 child of the moon(outtakes and rarities 1969-1969)
5 sweet black angel(alternate exile)
6 everything is turning to gold(place pigalle vgp)
7 moon is up(voodoo brew)
8 dancing with Mr.D(mad shadows)
9 summer romance(emotial rescue sessions)
10 brown sugar(thee satanic sessions)
11 yesterdays papers(between the buttons sessions)
12 hot stuff(munichland melodies)
13 winter(time trip vol.2)
14 honky wonk women I(isolated trax vol.1)
15 mothers little helper(aftermath isolated trax)
16 continental drift(steel wheels monitor mixes)

CD 6
1 undercover(pain of love)
2 parachute woman(outtakes and rarities 1968)
3 start me up I(tattoo too)
4 miss you(more fast numbers)
5 satisfaction(alternate stereo version,dartford renegades)
6 sleep tonight(back to zero)
7 dance little sister( it´s only goats head soup)
8 shattered(paris outtakes vol.1)
9 bitch(sticky thumbs)
10 let it bleed(nasty habits)
11 going down(trident mixes)
12 jumping jack flash I (toothless bearded hag)
13 fingerprint file(it´s only goats head soup)
14 jigsaw puzzle(beggars brunch)

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