The Revelers – At The End Of The River (2019)

Posted by Green on November 11, 2019as

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Combining the best of authentic Cajun music, the top shelf sounds and influences of Zydeco, a zip of swamp pop to give it just enough of that early rock ‘n roll and rhythm and blues groove, and yes, a couple of traditional country numbers, The Revelers peg the mole square on the head in this one, providing a little something for everyone and a lot of something for anyone. It’s immediately familiar enough to pull you in with those fetching Cajun rhythms born from the squeeze of the box and the cut of the bow, but is just fey and regional enough to keep the experience deliciously spicy, while expanding your little musical comfort zone.

Having been around for almost 10 years now, The Revelers feel this is the record that hits at the sound they’ve been trying to attain since they started. Saxophonist Chris Miller is the primary arranger for the band, and brings an expertise with all those Cajun music disciplines to the table. Accordion player Blake Miller is known as one of the most revered and prolific writers of French Cajun music around. Guitarist Chas Justus helps bring the swamp pop sound to the table. Fiddler Daniel Coolik can slide right between both Cajun and dancehall traditions, which down in Louisiana are close to the same. Along with bass player Trey Boudreaux and drummer Glenn Fields, these guys prove that before you can take music like this where you want it to go, you first have to know where it’s been. The Revelers have this dialed in darn near perfectly.

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