The Posies – Solid States (2016)

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coverLed by musical polymaths Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, The Posies have released their eighth album, ‘Solid States’. It marks dramatic changes in the lives, music, and evolution of the band.Devastated by the sudden death of their long time drummer, Darius, Posies founding members Jon and Ken were faced with the choice about continuing with the band. They decided that hard as it was, they should keep going, but that the moment called for a reinvention. This meant that their previous garage style music was over, and instead, the music they were making, in light of Darius’ death, were crafted from fragile ideas, and contemplative moods.

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Topics such as death, divorce, loss, the fleeting joys of life, demanded that they be treated with care and respect in terms of their songs. ‘Solid States’ of course retains the trademark legendary melodies, vocal harmonies, and lyrical agility. As artists however, the band felt it was their duty to take risks, and explore, and as a result, the album will be presented live, in a new format, incorporating laptop elements, along with keyboards, guitars, and drums.

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