The Owl Service – Discography

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The Owl Service is an English alternative folk music collective formed in 2006 by multi-instrumentalist Steven Paul Collins (who has led the band for its entire duration), named after the 1967 novel by Alan Garner.

2007 Chime Hours. Live In A Room, Autumn 2007
2008 A Garland Of Song
2008 Field Music. Collected Live Recordings
2008 The Petrifying Well (Collected Early Recordings) (2CD)
2010 The Burn Comes Down (Expanded Edition)
2010 The View From A Hill
2011 The Pattern Beneath The Plough (2CD)
2012 Collected Tracks
2012 Garland Sessions
2013 Collected Compilation Tracks
2013 Demos And Rarities To Fix
2013 TPBTP demos and work-in-progress tracks
2014 She Wants To Be Flowers But You Make Her Owls
2016 His Pride. No Spear. No Friend
EP, Singles:
2006 Wake the Vaulted Echo (EP)
2007 Bonus Tracks (EP)
2007 Cine (The Director’s Cut) (EP)
2008 The Bitter Night (EP, 4 tracks)
2008 The Bitter Night (EP, 6 tracks)
2008 The Fabric Of Folk EP (& Alison O’Donnell)
2009 Tigon Session (EP)
2010 Rise Me Lads (2013) (EP)
2011 All Things Being Silent (Single)
2012 There Used To Be A Crown (EP)
2013 All Things Being Silent (EP, 5 tracks)
2013 Bare Ghosts (EP)
2013 BBC6 Music Freak Zone Session (EP)
2013 Introducing Country Parish Music (Country Parish Music) (EP)
2014 Three Inverted Nines (Hallowe’en 2014) (EP)
2015 Jean (22:46) (EP)

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