The Mavericks – Play The Hits (2019)

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The Mavericks have never been averse to putting their own spin on another band’s song. This is a group, after all, who once recorded their own Tejano/surf-rock take on Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood.” Now the Mavericks will release an entire album of covers, Play the Hits, on November 1st via their own label Mono Mundo Recordings.

A collection of songs originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen, Waylon Jennings, and Elvis Presley, it’s a way to further illustrate the eclecticism of the group, says singer Raul Malo.

“As musicians, you are always listening to other songs and you find inspiration and you talk about, ‘Oh man, one day we’re going to record this.’ But other things get in the way. You hear every reason in the world as to why not do a covers record, but now we’re in charge, so if we’re not going to do it now, when the hell are we going to?” Malo tells Rolling Stone.


1. Swingin’ (4:15)
2. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (3:55)
3. Blame It On Your Heart (3:33)
4. Don´t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) (5:16)
5. Before The Next Teardrop Falls (4:04)
6. Hungry Heart (3:28)
7. Why Can´t She Be You (4:20)
8. Once Upon A Time (3:00)
9. Don’t Be Cruel (3:19)
10. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (3:59)
11. I’m Leaving It Up To You (3:47)

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