The Mavericks – In Time (2013)

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The Mavericks are back after a seven-year hiatus with an album that sounds like it could have come from anytime since their founding in 1989, if not earlier. So the group titled the release In Time. Go figure. The music is far from ironic. The Mavericks sing and play as if time mattered—every second is precious. There are no wasted words or melodies, noodling frills or mindless riffs. Everything is present for a reason to create an effect or sustain a mood. Lead vocalist Malo wrote or co-wrote all of the songs, and he places his voice front and center of every tune. He’s a powerful singer who can also delicately phrase words of love. And these are all songs of love with titles such as “Back in Your Arms Again”, “As Long as There’s Loving Tonight”, and “Dance in the Moonlight”. The man is an unabashed romantic. I once saw him perform at the 18th floor of a hotel in Austin, TX where then Governor Ann Richards, ex-Mick Jagger wife Jerry Hall, and Pete Townshend’s paramour Rachel Fuller swooned over Malo’s manly singing. This anecdote reveals how commanding Malo’s presence can be. In Time has its share of rave ups. Malo and the boys kick up the tempo and have fun on songs such as “Fall Apart”, “All Over Again”, and “Born to Be Blue”. The band also knows how to slow things down and let Malo croon on torchy material such as “In Another’s Arms” and “Forgive Me”. The unhurried melodies allow Malo to shine as his brawny vocals are both forceful and convincingly passionate. Whether he sings about having regrets or not having regrets—the two sides of the same coin of any lover affair—Malo makes one a believer.

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