The Long Ryders – Native Sons [Expanded Edition] (1984/2021)

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Native Sons was the first full-length album by the Long Ryders and the one that established their eclectic mixture of Byrds/Clash/Flying Burrito Brothers’ influences. The band recycled those influences, literally, going so far as to recreate the cover of an unreleased Buffalo Springfield album, Stampede, for Native Sons and using the producer of the first two Flying Burrito Brothers albums, Henry Lewy. Native Sons lovingly captures the band’s musical obsessions, while turning in an original sound that became the banner for both the paisley underground and cowpunk styles in the mid-’80s. Highlights include several forays into country on “Final Wild Son,” the Mel Tillis composition “Sweet Mental Revenge,” “Fair Game,” and the humorous “Never Got to Meet the Mom,” complete with a raging down-home banjo break. “Ivory Tower,” featuring the late ex-Byrd Gene Clark on vocals, remains the greatest song the Byrds never wrote and one of the most sincere tributes to that band’s sound. The album’s final track, “I Had a Dream,” reveals the punk sensibility, cranking the jangling Rickenbackers up to ten, closing with cacophonous feedback. On Native Sons, the Long Ryders pioneered a musical design that future alternative roots rockers would use as a manual.


01. Final Wild Son
02. Ivory Tower
03. Run Dusty Run
04. (Sweet) Mental Revenge
05. Fair Game
06. Tell It to the Judge on Sunday
07. Wreck of the 809
08. Too Close to the Light
09. Never Got to Meet the Mom
10. I Had a Dream
11. Join My Gang
12. You Don’t Know What’s Right…
13. 10/05/60
14. And She Rides
15. Born to Believe in You
16. Masters of War
17. Black Girl (Live at Late Show McCabe’s, 18/05/1984)
18. Wreck of the 809 (Live at Late Show McCabe’s, 18/05/1984)
19. Further Along (Live at Late Show McCabe’s, 18/05/1984)
20. The Rains Came (Live at CBGB’s, New York City, 19/04/1984)
21. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover (Live at West End, Chicago, November 1984)

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