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The Geraldine Fibbers were an alt-country band founded in 1994 by Carla Bozulich. Initially, band members included Bozulich, Daniel Keenan, Julie Fowells, William Tutton and Kevin Fitzgerald.[1] While Bozulich had previously been known for noisy industrial music, The Geraldine Fibbers fused American roots music and blues-influenced punk.

The group always incorporated noise and experimentation into their sound, which has been mis-labeled as Alternative Country. In early 1996, Keenan departed, to be replaced by Nels Cline, the band shifting to an even more noisy, guitar-rock sound.

The band later featured Jessica Moss, Jessy Greene and finally Leyna Marika P. on violin.

Spin magazine named Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home and Butch to their top albums of 1995 and 1997 lists, respectively

Studio albums
1995 – Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home
1997 – Butch

Live albums
1996 – Live From the Bottom of the Hill
Compilation albums
1997 – What Part of Get Thee Gone Don’t You Understand

1994 – The Geraldine Fibbers
1995 – G Fibbers

1995 – House Is Falling
1995 – Marmalade
1995 – Dragon Lady
1997 – California Tuffy

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