The Flock – Dinosaur Swamps [Expanded Edition] (1970/2019)

Posted by Green on May 21, 2019as


Aside from “Big Bird,” this release strays dangerously from the first album’s synergistic but tricky blend of rock, jazz and classical. The personnel are the same as on the first album, but they veer off into jazzy tangents and disappear into the treacherous morass of jazz-rock fusion that claimed so many other talented musicians.

01. Green Slice
02. Big Bird
03. Hornschmeyer’s Island
04. Lighthouse
05. Crabfoot
06. Mermaid
07. Uraniun Sircus
08. Chanja
09. Atlantians Truckin Home
10. Afrika
11. Just Do It
12. Mermaid
13. Crabfoot (Single Edit)

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