The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Tuffer Than The Rest: The Broadcast Collection (2020)

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With their fusion of blues, rock & roll, and R&B, the Fabulous Thunderbirds helped popularize roadhouse Texas blues with a mass audience in the ’80s and, in the process, they helped kick-start a blues revival during the mid-’80s. During their heyday in the early ’80s, they were the most popular attraction on the blues bar circuit, which eventually led to a breakthrough to the pop audience in 1986 with their fifth album, Tuff Enuff. The mass success didn’t last too long, and founding member Jimmie Vaughan left in 1990, but the Fabulous Thunderbirds remained one of the most popular blues concert acts in America during the ’90s.

Guitarist Jimmie Vaughan formed the Fabulous Thunderbirds with vocalist/harpist Kim Wilson in 1974; in addition to Vaughan and Wilson, the band’s original lineup included bassist Keith Ferguson and drummer Mike Buck. Initially, the group also featured vocalist Lou Ann Barton, but she left the band shortly after its formation. Within a few years, the Thunderbirds became the house band for the Austin club Antone’s, where they would play regular sets and support touring blues musicians. By the end of the decade, they had built a strong fan base, which led to a record contract with the local Takoma Records.

1. Why Get Up (Live 1986) (4:17)
2. Wrap It Up (Live 1986) (2:57)
3. Amnesia (Live 1986) (4:07)
4. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (Live 1986) (2:13)
5. Tear It Up (Live 1986) (3:22)
6. You Ain’t Nothin’ But Fine (Live 1986) (2:47)
7. How Do You Spell Love (Live 1986) (3:18)
8. Tell Me (Live 1986) (3:25)
9. Hot Number (Live 1987) (3:53)
10. Kim Talks (Live 1987) (1:15)
11. Why Get Up (Live 1987) (4:53)
12. Fine Fine Fine (Live 1987) (3:05)
13. Wrap It Up (Live 1987) (3:31)
14. Stand Back (Live 1987) (3:38)
15. Streets Of Gold (Live 1987) (4:19)
16. Sofa Circuit (Live 1987) (3:45)
17. Look At That Look At That (Live 1987) (5:17)
18. Tuff Enuff (Live 1987) (4:36)
19. Man Size Job (Live 1987) (5:11)
20. I Hear You Knockin’ (Live 1987) (4:36)
21. Goin’ Away Baby (Live 1993) (3:01)
22. High And Lonesome (Live 1993) (3:26)
23. Runnin’ Shoes (Live 1993) (2:46)

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