The Electric Cows – Wheatfield Fuzz (2019)

Posted by Green on August 10, 2019as

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The Electric Cows were among a plethora of 1960s beat bands in Western Canada that never got their 15 minutes of fame, whether due to poor management decisions, lack of musical talent, or simply never having their number drawn in the era’s rock’n’roll lottery. More popular Winnipeg acts like The Guess Who, The Quid, Crescendos, and Buddy Knox took the limelight but whatever the Cows lacked in popularity, professionalism, and actual talent they made up for with gumption, grit, horse sense, and occasional bursts of raw garage band energy.


01. Surfin’ to Liverpool
02. (Theme from) The Biff Harooba Show
03. Jumping Around a Lot
04. Hula Hoopin’ Hot Bitch
05. Jumping Around Again
06. Porkpie Hats and you That Yes Feeling Theme
07. Stampede!
08. Frenzy!
09. Prisoner of Your Own Mind
10. Cowabunga
11. Shattered Glass
12. Change It
13. Desparationtoxication
14. End of the Middle
15. Wild Clambake Weekend on Venus
16. Cragmont Cola Radio Ad
17. Trick or Treating Cycle Mama
18. Mainliner Amp Radio Ad
19. Into Stephanie’s Room
20. Missing Files
21. Bernice Says
22. I Hear Blue

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