The Darkness – Easter is Cancelled (Deluxe) (2019)

Posted by Green on October 6, 2019
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UK rockers The Darkness will return with their sixth album this fall. Entitled Easter Is Cancelled, it’ll arrive on October 4th via Cooking Vinyl Records.

A colorfully worded press release declares, “In the Year of Our Lord, 2019, while turmoil and chaos beset the world, a mighty force is about to be unleashed. As the spartan time of Lent unfolds, and society looks set to implode, it’s time to put away your chocolate eggs, say goodbye to the festive bunny and prepare for the sonic apocalypse… for Darkness spreads across the land!”




1. Rock and Roll Deserves to Die (05:24)
2. How Can I Lose Your Love (03:02)
3. Live ‘Til I Die (03:32)
4. Heart Explodes (03:47)
5. Deck Chair (02:24)
6. Easter is Cancelled (04:18)
7. Heavy Metal Lover (04:41)
8. In Another Life (04:01)
9. Choke on It (03:21)
10. We Are the Guitar Men (04:21)

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
11. Laylow (03:23)
12. Different Eyes (02:51)
13. Confirmation Bias (04:35)
14. Sutton Hoo (03:27)

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