The Cure – Wild Mood Swings [25th Anniversary Remastered Edition] (2021)

Posted by Green on September 8, 2021as

320 kbps | LINKS

Robert Smith pulled another surprise from his trick bag on Wild Mood Swings, an amazingly fresh album for a band that at this point had been at it for over two decades. Here Smith’s penchant for catchy melodies laid against song structures that build in intensity continues. Wild Mood Swings includes some of the most cheerful tunes Smith has ever penned, including the festive “Strange Attraction”, punctuated with bells and ukuleles, and the jaunty joyride of “Mint Car”. “The 13th” is perhaps the most original song on the album, its melody relying on a spanish fanfare (the first extensive use of a horn section on a cure song since 1987’s Hey You!”).

First time on Picture Disc for this 25th Anniversary – Record Store Day 2021 Exclusive. Features the singles, “The 13th”, “Mint Car”, “Gone” and “Strange Attraction”.


A1. Want (5:08)
A2. Club America (5:00)
A3. This Is A Lie (4:29)
B1. The 13th (4:10)
B2. Strange Attraction (4:19)
B3. Mint Car (3:28)
B4. Jupiter Crash (4:25)
C1. Round & Round & Round… (2:35)
C2. Gone! (4:35)
C3. Numb (4:49)
C4. Return (3:29)
D1. Trap (3:40)
D2. Treasure (3:43)
D3. Bare (7:47)

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