The Bucking Mules – Smoke Behind the Clouds (2017)

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Bluegrass is a genre of music that gets a bad rap because a lot of people have an aversion to the banjo. However, when you listen to good bluegrass music, you can’t help but be impressed with the talent of the musicians. The Bucking Mules play plenty of good bluegrass music on their new album Smoke behind the Clouds.

You don’t have to wait long to hear that this is a talented group of musicians. The intro of the title song that opens the album is pretty good evidence of that. It features some fast picking on the banjo and some pretty serious sawing on the fiddle. To showcase the band’s talents further, an instrumental break is between each verse. When you hear the instrumental breaks, you might just want to close your eyes and enjoy.

If you’re looking for another example of the instrumental prowess of this band, “Fire on the Mountain” (not the Grateful Dead version, but very solid nonetheless) is a good example. The fiddle is what you hear most prominently, but the bass and banjo will definitely have you tapping your feet. It’s easy to imagine a pub full of people dancing to this tune.

While a lot of the songs are pretty uptempo, the band also shows it can slow things down pretty well with “More Good Women Gone Wrong”. This song features the violin prominently with the banjo in the background. You’ll also hear some great harmony vocals on this tune that just might remind you of the golden age of bluegrass.

This album is a great example of traditional bluegrass. The songs with vocals will have you singing along, and the instrumental songs will make you appreciate the talent of the musicians. If you’re a fan of traditional bluegrass, you’ll want to add this album to your collection.

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