The Breaking Yard – Over the Water (2013)

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The Breaking Yard is a Portland, Oregon based quintet whose intricate instrumentation, haunting harmonies and swelling energy has enthralled many audiences throughout the United States. Primary songwriters Mel and Stephen Baker have drawn from differing musical backgrounds and influences to write songs full of musical and lyrical vibrancy that have been described by many as, “cinematic” and “healing.”

While in the very beginning The Breaking Yard was an acoustic duo with guitars and voices, the band’s sound—while maintaining its intimate nature—has ramped and evolved into a torrent of musical parts. The band of multi-instrumentalists uses the violin, hammered dulcimer, glockenspiel, drums, chains, electric guitar, harmonium, bass and 8-string ukelele to create a beautiful and powerful experience.

This is their first full-length record as a full band and also includes several guest musicians involved in the Portland music scene.

Bass | Kenneth Hogan ∘ Acoustic Guitars, Vox, Synth and Electric Guitar on Track 5 | Stephen Baker ∘ Vox, Violin, Mandolin, Hammond Organ, Electric Guitar on Tracks 4 & 7, Piano & Bass Drum on Track 6 | Mel Baker ∘ Hammered Dulcimer & Drums on all but Track 6 | David Mahler ∘ Glockenspiel, Accordion, Reed Organ, Banjo & Vox on Track 9 | Michael Blake ∘ Banjo on Track 5 & Electric Guitar on Track 2 | Miles Orion Butler ∘ Electric Guitar & Piano on Track 1 | Daniel Dixon ∘ Piano on Track 8 | Sam Adams

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