The Blue Aeroplanes – Welcome, Stranger! (2017)

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Stalwarts of the British Indie Scene, The Blue Aeroplanes are back in the game with this their 12th album, Welcome Stranger!

Gerard Langley who is the voice and central mainstay of the band (besides original drummer John Langley) has a unique vocal that falls between the languid terse of Mark E Smith and the softness of Guy Chadwick.  His spoken word presentation and beat-poet approach to writing along with an unbridled toughness and resilience to not give up on the band is a remarkable achievement which is not to be scoffed at considering their lengthy time in the fashionista music industry.

Their own blend of indie, rock and post punk hasn’t dated one iota and when opener ‘Looking for X’s on a map’ hits the floor with a swagger befitting a gang of 20 somethings with its chest plumage pumped up and Langley’s curt delivery licking round the back of your ear holes makes for a startling youthful and electric opening.  The fat free arrangement keeps on coming with the cocky ‘Sweet, like chocolate’, a ringing guitar and jolting rhythms compliment the vocals seamlessly,‘Retro Moon’ tells the story of love both new and old and Langley’s world weary take on the world is carried by a virile slice of organ and accompanied harmonies that emanate a band glad to be back and happy to share and seduce us with their spirited return, renewed confidence and passion. ‘Dead Tree! Dead Tree! has a bucketful of jangle and Langley’s vocal dictates the play the way Iniesta has dictated the Spanish midfield for the past decade: “Try to be good try to be kind….it’s not the symbol of anything, dead tree, dead tree….it will still mean something to me”.

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