The Blackbirds – Touch of Music (1971,Reissue 2005)

Posted by Green on December 20, 2018as


THE BLACKBIRDS consists of psychedelic beat/pop music with a touch of the Mothers of Invention type satire (Something Different) and some progressive touches. Strong vocals by singer and guitar player Werner Breinig and some interesting Hammond organ work by Hubert Koop are characteristic of the group’s music which proves a great talent of specific song writing. The German label OPP released 5 tracks of this first album on the “Snake in the Grass” album later on.
2nd album “A Touch Of Music”, originally released in 1971 on German Label OPP with a complete new line-up – with the exception of
singer and guitar player Werner Breinig who now played violin and flute as well- and a complete new style of music. They adopted a nice, poetic and classical (not symphonic) influenced progressive style with long tracks. There was also room for some more powerful passages inbetween, characteristic for the early seventies progressive music we all have learned to love (Dag Erik Asbjornsen, Cosmic Dreams At Play).

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