The Beach Boys – I Can Hear Music: The 20/20 Sessions (2018)

Posted by Green on December 7, 2018
in pop, rock

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01. Do It Again (Alternate Stereo Mix)
02. Do It Again (A Cappella)
03. I Can Hear Music (Demo)
04. I Can Hear Music (Track And Backing Vocals)
05. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (Alternate Mix)
06. Be With Me (Demo)
07. Be With Me (2018 Track Mix)
08. All I Want To Do (Dennis Wilson Lead Vocal Take 2)
09. The Nearest Faraway Place (Alternate Version)
10. Cotton Fields (Track And Backing Vocals)
11. I Went To Sleep (A Capella / 2018 Mix)
12. Time To Get Alone (A Cappella)
13. Never Learn Not To Love (Track And Backing Vocals)
14. Never Learn Not To Love (A Cappella)
15. Walk On By (2018 Mix)
16. Rendezvous (Do It Again Early Version / 2018 Mix)
17. We’re Together Again (A Cappella)
18. I Can Hear Music (Alternate Lead Vocal)
19. All I Wanna Do (Early Version Track)
20. Sail Plane Song (2018 Mix)
21. Old Man River (A Cappella / 2018 Remix)
22. Old Folks At Home/Old Man River (Alternate Version)
23. Old Folks At Home/Old Man River (Alternate Version Track)
24. Walkin’
25. Been Way Too Long (Sections)
26. Well You Know I Knew
27. Love Affair (Demo)
28. Peaches (Demo)
29. The Gong (Session Highlights)
30. A Time To Live In Dreams (2018 Mix)
31. All I Want To Do (Early Version)
32. All I Want To Do (Dennis Wilson Lead Vocal Take 1)
33. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (Basic Track)
34. Bluebirds Over The Mountain (Mono Single Mix)
35. Mona Kana (Demo)
36. Mona Kana (2018 Mix)
37. We’re Together Again
38. Time To Get Alone (Remake Track)
39. Oh Yeah
40. Is It True What They Say About Dixie


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