The Allman Brothers Band – Madness of the West (1998)

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Madness Of The West collects some of the best from the legendary blues-rock group Allman Brothers, focusing on their latter-day work for the Arista label. The songs include “Hell & High Water,” “Angeline,” and “Brothers of the Road,” among others.


01. Hell & High Water
02. Mystery Woman
03. From The Madness Of The West
04. I Got A Right To Be Wrong
05. Angeline
06. Famous Last Words
07. Keep On Keepin’ On
08. So Long
09. Brothers Of The Road
10. Leavin’
11. Straight From The Heart
12. The Heat Is On
13. Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday
14. The Judgment
15. Two Rights
16. Never Knew How Much (I Needed You)
17. Things You Used To Do

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