The Adobe Collective – All the Space That There Is (2020)

Posted by Green on January 13, 2020as

320 kbps | 100 MB | LINKS

Scheduled for Jan. 10th drop this California-based band’s 3rd release All the Space That There Is is a self-produced LP that continues in their tradition of the “high desert sound.” Unlike many releases, it’s not riveting with thunderous drums, slash & burn guitars. What it has is good songs, warm singing with melodies played proficiently & at times relaxing. Closer to a Dick & DeeDee feel at times (“The Mountain’s High”).

The Adobe Collective’s 10- track LP (Love Sands Records) has music that flows like a crystal-clear stream. While the vocals aren’t retro they’ll remind older people like me of the 1967 song “Zabadak” by Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tich. They utilized percussion & clever vocals, 3-part harmonies, laid back synths, steel guitar & percussion too.

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